Easy to Read Your Network Books without Downloading the Client!
Author:Flashdic      Source:原创      Time:2010/11/19 21:20:36

Dear users, in order to provide you with more useful books, our website has been upgraded. The new version is more user-friendly both in appearance and funcion.

From now on, you don't need to download or install the client any more. Just click, log in, and then your webpage will be linked to a personalized "My books" Page:

Click on any random book on the bookshelf, then the following message box "exFree Smart Installation" will appear right below the browser.
Click on the right mouse button upon the message, then click "Install exfree Smart".

Click on the book you want to read, then click "Install".

Next time, you will be able to learn Chinese by simply clicking on the books .
Isn't it amazing? Try it right now!

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